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DelKro Financial Consulting partner with its Clients to overcome the financial challenges they are confronted with towards their growth and development plans. We partner up along the whole acquisition and execution process for public funding for the Client’s project. The funding we organize for our clients originates from regional funds and national tax incentives to those managed by the European Commission (“EU Grants”).

„The clients we serve recognize and valorize us as their Financial Specialist they are happy to work with. This is confirmed by the fact that they are coming back to us for more”
Frederik De Lepeleire

We operate nationwide from offices in Gliwice supported by a young, educated and dynamic team. Our team exists out of professional and successful consultants which are supportive, creative and determined to turn your project into a success.

Our Client’s aim are to limit uncertainty related to country specificities and their investment. Grants and incentives play an essential role to lower down the investment risk. Moreover it is essential to match your business planning and the slot time of public funding opportunity. Therefore public funding should be taken as one indicator for decision making on the investment.

„We aim to create outstanding value for our customers while being one of the greatest places to work for talented people”
Wojciech Król

For the full process of acquiring public funds we offer our hands-on expertise and our commitment.

Our commitment translates our core values, which are what we believe to be the basis of any successful mission with our client:

  1. WE ACT INDEPENDENTLY: it’s at the heart of the way we engage with our clients to develop the best solutions suited to their context and sector of activity.
  2. WE CREATE PARTNERSHIPS: We offer our clients a strong partnership with a unique range of financial services, experiences and contacts. Thanks to our local presence we are able to bring in the right partner(s) if such is required for the project. A real sense of partnership with our clients is the foundation of long term collaborations and satisfied clients.
  3. WE PUSH CREATIVITY: Every time we are working with a client we are not being bound by conventional thinking as we bring in new ideas to push the limits and remain innovative. Therefore we also closely cooperate with different national & centers and Universities in Poland.
  4. WE ARE ENTREPRENEURS: This is what develops partnerships, creativity and provides value added services to our Clients.
  5. WE APPLY PRAGMATISM: Our no-nonsense mentality guarantees feasible solutions of which we support the implementation by a hands-on approach.


Wojciech Król


  • Wojciech Król - DelKro Partners

Wojciech Król is a financial specialist and consultant with many years of professional experience in the field.

He graduated from the University of Economics. K. Adamiecki in Katowice, Department of Finance and Insurance with specialization in Finance and Banking (2005). He received a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) Dominican University (USA, Chicago, River Forest IL) and a degree in Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

From the beginning of his career has been involved in many advisory and consulting tasks. His career path included several functions of which consultancy and financial director.

Wojciech is responsible for dozens of consulting projects in different fields such as mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, organizational restructuring, design of management systems and cost analysis. Those projects served as well controlling for the largest Polish industrial companies in the chemical, mining and logistics sector.

Wojciech is co-author of the publication "Sources of the company value" delivered at the National Seminar XI "Restructuring of the chemical industry in Poland", Ustroń - Jaszowiec, 2005.

Frederik De Lepeleire


  • Frederik De Lepeleire

Frederik is a specialist in finances and business process management.

Frederik graduated in 2002 at the University of Brussels as a Commercial Engineer with specialty in Logistics. Frederik came in 2006 to Poland to set up a subsidiary of a Belgian steel processing industry group in the Katowice Special Economic Zone. Under his supervision the subsidiary received the award for Best Belgian Company in Poland and employed about 650 people in a production factory of 20.000m2. Frederik realized the initial investment with tax exemption and grew additional production capacity by realizing financial support in the form of direct EU dotation. As a specialist in finance he has also set up a financial management tool giving the company a detailed insight in the cost structure for each client and product. His roles in the company can be shortly described as following: start-up and follow-up of local management, controller/finance, business unit manager, project manager and investment specialist.

During his further career he has specialized himself in EU grants and green-fields where his previous experiences as a business process manager and consultant in socio-economic and spatial studies have proven to be valuable.

Frederik was active in the local politics in Belgium and in Poland he acted as board member of the Belgian Business Chamber in Warsaw.

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Our Team

Our team is dedicated to top-class economic research and analysis. We attribute our success to our people, their commitment and work culture. Most of our staff possess post-graduate education. These highly motivated professionals work to meet Client deadlines across their projects, seamlessly delivering the initial aims and goals.

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Privacy Policy

At DelKro we recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind at all times. Our data protection policy sets out our commitment to protecting client data and how we implement that commitment with regards to the collection and use of client data.

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring that we comply with the data protection principles as listed below;
  • Ensuring that data is collected and used fairly and lawfully;
  • Processing client data only in order to meet our operational needs or fulfill legal and contractual requirements;
  • Ensuring that data subjects’ rights can be appropriately exercised;
  • Providing adequate security measures to protect client data;
  • Ensuring that all staff and others involved in the project are made aware of standard practice for data protection;
  • Regularly reviewing data protection procedures and guidelines within the organization;
  • Signing an extensive non-disclosure agreement with Client when entering into cooperation, containing the details of our privacy policy including special requests from the Client regarding this matter;

Our data protection principles:

  • Client data shall be processed fairly and lawfully;
  • Client data shall be obtained with the purpose of completing our contractual obligation to the Client and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose;
  • Client data (processed and unprocessed) shall not be kept for longer than is necessary to complete our contractual obligation to the Client. As such, all Client data will be deleted after the client’s project has been completed. On a request a delete protocol can be prepared;
  • Appropriate technical and organizational measures shall be taken against unauthorized processing of Client data, and against the accidental loss, destruction, or damage to client data;
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