EU Grants

EU grants can give a considerable advantage to the company’s financial standing and growth. There are many forms of EU grants available in the new budget 2014-2020 for different types of support. The type of support can range from direct dotation for investments and & projects as well as in the form of credits. For more information about EU grants please visit the other parts of our website.

DelKro has grown considerable experience in the different type of grants available and the size of individual projects range from a couple of million PLN up to over 75 mln PLN. The people behind DelKro have realized so far projects with a total value of more than 100 mln EUR. Those experienced consultants are eager to help you in obtaining additional financial support for your business. Our unique culture and successful focus on results have ensured that many of our existing clients keep on coming back for more and that new clients are putting their faith in us.


Financial Consulting

Besides the specialized services we provide regarding EU grants we also & additional services which may include market research, analyses, support in finding credits for your project, writing business plans to grow your business and due diligence.

Often our clients want us to provide additional services in the fields mentioned above because we have profound knowledge of the Client and we understand his needs in relation to his project. Therefore we are best placed to additionally & you those services.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition can add considerable value to a business but making sure that each stage of the transaction process is successful demands proper preparation.

We excel in dedication and engagement that we bring to every client. We are unique in our collaborative culture which allows for close coordination and across disciplines to provide our clients superior advice on their most strategic, and often complex, transactional needs.

  • We identify appropriate buyers and will implement a sale to generate the best price for our client;
  • We can help companies to identify other business that & a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and build their competitive advantage;

With our help and experience, the journey of obtaining a partner can be more productive and efficient which will reduce the time you may waste on preparing documentation or on introducing people to the changes and getting them on board.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management is a systematic optimization of the business processes in an organization. It is mostly being introduced through a need of cost reduction and higher revenues.

The term covers how we study, identify, change and monitor business processes to ensure they run smoothly and can be improved over time. BPM should not be a one-time exercise. It should involvea continuously evaluation of the processes and include taking actions to improve the total flow of processes. This all leads to a continuous cycle of evaluating and improving the organization.

Driven by business rules, it involves a lot of operational analysis and flow charting, and more sophisticated also simulation tools so processes can be run virtually to identify bottlenecks or other issues related to either people or underlying infrastructure.

Together with DelKro you can map your workflow and identify potential improvements and implement the proposed solutions.

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Our Offer

We & you a strong partnership with a unique range of financial services, experiences and contacts based on a success fee.

For elaborating your project we place minimum two senior consultants on your project. We give full project guidance in order to ensure that the Client applies successfully for funding and to receive all what is applied for in the grant program available. We give advisory on all the relevant topics related to the project such as company’s legal status, financial standing to the requirements and on entering into cooperation with Research Institutes. Besides that we prepare all necessary documentation and communication for relevant authority.

In deciding for your partner it is important to realize that the personal experience of your consultant is of utmost importance for the success of your project.

Therefore with DelKro you have the guarantee that experienced consultants are placed on your project.

Do you have an investment planned in the near future? Are you planning to do & works? You want to develop a prototype? Then you have come to the right address to partner up with experienced professionals and make your project successful. If your project cost is minimum 1 mln PLN then do not hesitate to contact us and ask for information or ask about our form of cooperation.

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