Another customer of DelKro Financial Consulting received funding from the Operational Programme Intelligent Growth.

The company Granulat BIS from Częstochowa Poland has received 2,5 mln PLN fund donation to develop innovative technology for modification and processing of waste textile materials in order to obtain a secondary raw material with improved physical and mechanical properties Aim of the project will be achieved through development of a pilot production line which allows homogenization of properties of two immiscible plastics. New regranulate formulas with high reproducible quality will be developed – in relation to the ones existing on the market.

We congratulate to Granulate BIS for the success and we wish good luck with the project. At the same time all entrepreneurs interested in developing projects, research and development (R & D), please contact the DelKro. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully apply for funding for the difficult but ambitious research and development projects.

Operational Programme Intelligent Growth.

Task1.1, Sub-task 1.1.1 of the Operational Programme Intelligent Growth funding is allocated to projects that include industrial research and development work or development work for SMEs and large enterprises.

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Conference in Brussels

Why is investment in Poland worth it? How to get EU funds for innovation and R&D in Poland? How to increase profitability and reduce investment risk through the subsidies? Those were leading topics of the conference "Practical guide for EU funds for SMEs in Poland" organized by DelKro with BEPOLUX, which supports companies from Belgium and Luxemburg with their plan to develop investment in Poland.

Strategic location, the economic and political stability, good level of general infrastructure, educated and competent human capital and a large domestic market there are assets, which makes Poland a very attractive place for foreign investors. It is a reason why DelKro – a member of Business Belgian Chamber (BBC) – helps foreign company to create lucrative business in Poland.

DelKro same as the Business Belgian Chamber brings together companies which are interested in establishing business relations. The mission of the BBC and DelKro is to establish economic cooperation between Belgium and the Polish and promotion of Belgium in Poland and vice versa.

During the discussion, DelKro company has proven that EU funds should be taken into account when making investment decisions. More importantly, DelKro discussed the various European programs and other information needed to apply for grant i.a.:

  • which companies, businesses, etc. may apply for assistance under the EU funds,
  • what kind of program are available,
  • what are the conditions of funding for different programs,
  • what is the budget of application through various programs,
  • the criteria of project evaluation.

During the conference DelKro company has proven that EU funds have a significant impact on the success of investments, and additionally allow investors to reduce business risk. In addition, the company DelKro presented the scope of its advisory services starting with the selection of suitable program, assistance in finding innovation, ending on the settlement of a grant and assistance in preparing for inspections.

Furthermore, it was presented the Valians International offer, which supports investors in the market of Eastern Europe. Valians International plans to expand its range of services for EU grants, which according the partnership agreement will be made by company DelKro. And the other way around, DelKro will expand its activities in supporting companies to get launched on the Polish market, which is part of the partner contract with Valians International.

The conference in Brussels was successful, strengthened DelKro’s profile on the European market and allowed to present our offer and business services. After the conference, the company interest among foreign customers significantly increased.

The company DelKro would like to thank for strong participation in the conference. By the way, interest in the subject exceeded our expectations. Our team hopes that acquired knowledge at the conference will prove to be valuable and useful, and encourage you to cooperate with our company

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